Know Your Customers
complemented by Open Banking.

We provide eIDAS compliant video and electronic customer identification and verification solution, uplifted with Account Information Services which offer insight into client’s accounts in a secure and compliant way.

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We connect financial service providers with clients

We empower your businesses with new data, based on Open Banking concept.

Our vision

Fliqa believes that reliable technology and accurate, real-time data are important part of every successful business. We committed ourselves to create intelligent tools, developer friendly infrastructure and frictionless customer journeys.

Our business

You concentrate on product design, marketing and engaging customers, we do all the rest. We are building technical infrastructure APIs that connect financial service providers, consumers and developers.


Electronic and video customer identification

Regulatory compliance in providing remote electronic and video customer identification.

Payment Initiation

Reduce costs from card schemes and acquirers with Open Banking payments. Enable customers to initiate one-time top ups, or schedule standing orders for recurring payments (e.g., after they receive their salary). Fliqa’s payments infrastructure makes reconciliation simple.


Launch your card program instantly

Design, create, manage, and distribute your own virtual and physical cards. Create cards that work exactly as you’ve configured them. Fliqa provides verifications, the ledger, and enable users to set custom controls.


Customer credit risk assessment

Customer’s payment data enriched by advanced algorithms help businesses predict whether potential customers are in financial condition to repay the loan.

Real-time data


Regulatory compliance

Data protection

The purpose of Fliqa Open Banking Platform project is the completion of development and commercialisation of products providing account information and payment initiation services through which merchants gain access to financial data in real time and can provide simplified payment experience for their customers. The operation’s mission is to provide tools that enrich personal and banking data with context, are easy to use and are based on advanced technologies.

Investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.